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Publicado el 21 de July de 2011 - 17:11:39 Horas

Hello! I am administrator of a new international server EienRo, of course he hadn't yet opened, but even now we interested about your opinion, because we create server for you, the players.

First, a little information about periodisation.

Opening of the server is planned for the end of August in the 20-30 numbers. Later will be announced more information about it.

The server will support two languages ??(it is possible that there will be more), English and Russian.

For convenience players, will be done two sites, the one with support by Russian, and other with support of the English language.

The website with support of the Russian language will be posted the game client, translated into Russian for the convenience of the players, the website that supports English, respectively, client in English language. When you creating your character you can choose a supported language, this choice will haunt your character until you are choosing it. Russian language applies only to certain quests and NPCs. Unfortunately we can't russify all. It's all about language support, now I come to the website.

The website is currently under development, or rather to say that the developed design for the website than the website itself.

Functional website will consist of various TOPes (characters, guilds, MVP, castles, etc.), vending system (Image stores that are in the game), the statistics of items (you can watch a total of some items on the server), personal cabinet which includes: changing the password, change the registration address, personal account, a store of items (autodonation), control characters. It's possible that I'm forgotten something, but the main functionality is described, the website will be devoted to a theme.

Now a bit about the server. The server will be by low Rates (x3-x5), what exactly don't know yet, because it all depends on the opinion of players. Protecting the server will be already at the start, to support multiple windows allowed an exception - BattleGround. Third professions immediately say - NO. The server will contains many features. It is no sense to talk about all of is, on this we recommend to follow the categories of Forum: Server News, Descriptions and solution, Questions and Answers.

In this I'm finished brief information about the server. This post will be edited as new information becomes available.

We welcome your questions and discussions, so I will note that the server is created for you (players) and we shall be very glad if you'll be helping us in creating it, feel free to create threads with suggestions, questions, we will always find time for you !

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